It'll Scrub the Sin Right Off Of You.

As far as beauty products go, much like Depeche Mode, I Just Can't Get Enough. And I'm an equal opportunity beauty shopper... In fact, I can do the same amount of damage in Duane Reade, in Sephora, or in Barneys. Since I love to try NEW products; it's very rare that I repurchase anything grooming related.

Except this bad boy Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub from Bath and Body Works.

I buy, re-buy, and then, yes, buy some more. Let's revel in it's fabulosity:

  • It's comes in a sturdy plastic (not glass-manufacturers take note) tub.
  • It's scrubby but NOT abrasive.
  • It's sugar, not salt, read : It's safe to shave within a five mile radius.
  • Available in 6 fabulous fragrances-trust me when I say that the scent lingers on your body and in your bathroom. Perfume will be entirely unnecessary.