Panty Raid!

Few realize that undergarments can truly make or break a look. They must be comfortable (so as not to induce fidgeting), no-show (to avoid dreaded VPL) and of course, sexy (I don't really need to explain this one, right?).

These super comfy stretch mesh boyshorts from Honeydew Intimates fit the bill. Soft contrasting lace trim adds color while the low rise in front and high rise on the cheek make them girlishly naughty.
Available in 24 colors and patterns.


Anonymous said...

"no-show (to avoid dreaded VPL)..."

VPL? can u explain? i'm guessing its panty lines, but what's the 'V'?

eye4style said...

Visible:) Panty Lines...meaning they show through your clothing and draw attention to *ahem* certain areas!