Splash It On.

There was a time when I just could not get enough Marc Jacobs. And like every New York gal that should be spending her money on rent, not designer goodies, I satisfied those naughty desires by venturing into the world of fragrance. Heavy on the gardenia and jasmine, Marc Jacobs, the bolder Essence and later Blush were staples in my scent wardrobe.

His brand-spanking new releases are quite the departure. Three spring & summer ready splashes-Cotton,Grass and Rain (pictured)- are light, fresh and incredibly, deliciously clean. Meaning, you'll smell fabulous but natural. Far more seductive than a heavy perfume, no doubt.

Sold in huge 10oz glass bottles but with a lasting power similar to many eau de parfums, they're actually quite the value. How will you ever choose?

($65, www.nordstrom.com)