I Can't Live if Living Is Without You.

Bare Escentuals, I'm ashamed to admit that I thought I could do better. After I'd scraped out every last bit of powder from my jar of Mineral Veil, I purchased a similar product from drugstore brand N.Y.C. Let's just say, it wasn't quite the same.

Yes, Bare Escentuals, I learned my lesson. All of a sudden, my afternoons of zero shine and even less oil in the tempermental t-zone were GONE. Kaput. Bye, bye. Well, NEVER Again. The first thing I did this morning was hustle to Sephora to pick up a fresh jar. Now, I can be happy and shine free once again. Rejoice!

Use the code "skincare1" at Sephora.com for your choice of 1 deluxe sample with purchase!

($19, www.sephora.com)


Karinaxoxo said...

I feel your pain!!! Once I find a good product I stick to it... I've wasted so much $$ buying a 'cheaper' brand to use in between and it just sits in the bottom of my makeup case after one use!!