London Calling.

How do I love thee, Let me count the ways:

1: Adorable, celebrity "inspired" fashions...but really, no one will ever know that Posh & Paris hold any influence over your closet, I swear.

2: Tiny, itty bitty prices

3: Delightfully fast shipping over the pond-generally a mere 8 biz days.

4: Dresses, tops & accessories that you won't see on every Tina, Donna & Henrietta.

4: Did I mention the wee prices?

Green & Black Wrap Dress

($5o (approximate conversion),


Fashion Kitty said...

Wow! Loving this site. I totally found that I need the CC Skye bracelt in pink :) Woo hoo!

Karinaxoxo said...

What a hot dress!!! I'm in AUS - therefore I'm in winter - but I reckon this dress with some black tights would look feirce, yeh???