Breaking News: Rafe for Target!

Here we go again!

Target announced yesterday that award-winning accessory designer Rafe Totengco will design an exclusive line of handbags and small accessories for the store.

The line's release in October will coincide with the arrival of goods by new Go International! designer, Behnaz Sarafpour.

In case you'd like the real thing, check out, where remaining spring and summer goodies like these are up to 60% off:


Fashion Kitty said...

Those are cute- but Target is starting to piss me off with all of these "designer" debuts.

Jessica said...

oh, come on. those of us who work in social services in the midwest will hunt for these designer-approved knockoffs with a vengeance. i am living proof, and i love it. target is the essence of minneapolis: stylish, yet smart. i finally got my rafe for target black doctor's bag tonight, and it is oh-so-good.

Anonymous said...

At those prices, does anyone even need to think about them?? They're a steal!