Fresh Ground.

These days, I'll take my coffee any way I can get it: cappuccino, latte, lip balm or body wash.

So, when I stumbled on Body Coffee's new TravelSpa™, I was thrilled. This fabulous little travel kit is ready to throw in a suitcase and chock full of coffee blossom-scented goodies (including individual packets of body polish and soap, body wash and lotion minis, and a full size lip balm.

The travel kit itself has a generous amount of space, zip pockets for security, and an ingenious hook to save precious counter space in that cramped hotel room.


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Mrs. Bon-Bons said...

heya - it was great meeting you as well!! looked through your blog, and it's great! will be reading. :)

Jessica said...

just ran across your's great!
not sure what i think about my whole body smelling like coffee...don't get me wrong i love coffee, but i just don't know...maybe i will just have to give it a try!

Karinaxoxo said...

I actually don't drink coffee...but I just adore the smell of it!!!