Breaking Fashion News: Libertine for Target's Go International

Radar offers breaking fashion news on another designer collaboration - Libertine for Target's Go International. Libertine's designs will be available for three months, starting in mid-July.

A few looks from Libertine's Spring 2006 collection:


Anonymous said...

Fashion Hurts
Libertine Misses The Target. Badly. Like, Really Badly.

We were really, really excited when we heard about Libertine being the next designers for Target's GO International Collection. I mean, not Proenza Schouler excited, but more than Patrick Robinson apathetic. So imagine our disappointment when we got a gander at the look book, as posted on today. Actually, "disappointed" is not really the word. We're offended by this stuff. (Well, offended, or grateful for the easy laugh). If we had any ambitions of esoteric fashion-writing, the only mildly pretentious label we could slap on this would be "freak show anti-chic". More heinous circus-performer wear, after the jump.

Anonymous said...

My local Target must have missed the memo about the July 15 roll out of Libertine, as it was out for sale on the 12th. I was mildly intrigued but didn;t see anything that made me lust after it....and really, isn't the whole skulls thing kind of over?