Preventative and Restorative Sun Care

Generally speaking, I avoid the sun like the plague, staying relatively pale year round. Two important weapons in my arsenal:

Shady Day's Daily Sun Protection Wipes SPF 30 are a godsend. These individual wipes (15 per pack) apply just the right amount of sunscreen on my arms and chest for everyday use though you might use two per application for a day on the beach. Effective, non sticky and they even smell pretty great!

Just in case you forget to reapply the sunscreen - every two hours is recommended by derms - Korres' Yoghurt Cooling Gel delivers as promised. The ultra cooling cream soothes sun scorched skin and effectively moisturizes. Keep it in the fridge for an extra cool treat!


Kristen said...

Just to throw in my two cents, I happen to like Neutrogena's new ultra-sheer sunblock. I use the SPF 45, and it dries instantly once you apply it to your skin without any greasy residue or shine whatsoever.