Quite Inspiring~

The kids at Mollygood have some fabulous images from Mary Kate Olsen's You magazine story. This, I must say, is my very favorite!


shoppingsmycardio said...

wow, a pic of an olsen twin that doesn't make me ill...and maybe even makes me a little excited for their new collection? no wonder you love it! :)

thanks for visiting my blog, by the way...love yours!

Anonymous said...

Where do you recommend searching for jewelry online? I have tried Neimans, Bluenile, and Vialuxe. any recommendations would be appreciated.

eye4style said...

Hmm, well I guess it depends what kind of jewelry you are searching for! I like www.FutureFashionista.com, www.shopvale.com, sites like Revolve, Shopbop, Max & Chloe have great indie brands and of course Etsy is amazing for tiny up and coming designers. Happy shopping!