Am I the ONLY One Who Watches 'The Fashionista Diaries'?

Uber publicist and demon-in-heels Mandie Erickson has me absolutely mesmerized, and no, not in a good way. I literally laughed out loud when I read this synopsis on Soap -

"If you don't have the look, you're out of luck… you're not even getting in the door. Partner/publicist Mandie Erickson is proud of their in-house "pretty policy" and she enjoys being the demanding diva in charge of enforcing it!"

Um, if they have an in-house 'pretty policy,' how does Mandie have a job? And I don't think her Madonna circa 'Lucky Star' video look above is doing her any favors, do you?


Karinaxoxo said...

um yeh... she's not 'all that' herself!!
i'm sure it all comes down to a self esstime issue she has - maybe she feels better if she gets to order 'pretty' people around!!!