File Under: Best Thing Ever

Hallejulah. After testing (and liking...but not loving) Spanx's Power Panties, I purchased 2 pairs of Higher Power recently. This shaper begins at about mid thigh and goes all the way up to directly under the bust line, effectively slimming all that falls in between. The best part is that they really stay rolling and thus far, they are quite comfortable for daily wear.

A must under slinky silk dresses or clingy jerseys!


Raging Rouge said...

Bravo! I absolutely hate when body shapers roll.

Caryn said...

I too cannot get over how comfortable Spanx Higher Power are for everyday wear. I first started wearing them for clingy and formal clothing, clothing for which I have worn "shapers" in the past, but I found the Higher Power to be so comfortable (and effective!) that this summer I started wearing them even under the most casual dresses and skirts. Best thing ever? You bet!