How Do I Love Thee, Threadless

Sadly, this fab tee is sold out (no doubt in part to the semi-annual $10 tee sale) but trust me, you can find a shirt to suit anyone's taste this holiday on Threadless. LOVE!

p.s. Did I mention that the tees were all $10? YAY!


Chelsea Rae said...

Hi girlie!

So, I was tagged by Angelique from Couture in the city to write 7 random facts about myself, and then pass it on. So I'm tagging you! Here are the rules.

p.s. Threadless is my love! They always have the best t-shirts (including this one), but I just spent $60 on tees so I think I better quit while I'm ahead. This t-shirt is definitely going on my Christmas list though!

Julie said...