New to the Neighborhood - Madewell

It's funny but I had literally just been thinking that I need something, anything, to replace my J.Crew obsession. Et voila, along came Madewell. Kid sister to J.Crew (though they may cringe to hear me say it), Madewell has a more casual, downtown style and styles come in at a reasonable pricepoint.

In early 2008, Madewell will be opening rumored-to-be fab permanent location on the corner of Broome & Broadway. However, for the time being, an interim store is open now at 532 Broadway (just a few blocks up) to give New Yorkers a sneak peak for the holidays. If you've checked out the Madewell store, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought. It's next on my list for a visit (right along with Muji!)...