Sneak Preview of the New Lucky

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively tells the January issue of Lucky:

“I grew up in California, so winter is this entirely new, exciting thing for me—I’ve already justified buying seven coats!”

“I’m having so much fun, but I’m trying to keep my head together too, stylewise. There are so many young women out there dressing like young girls; I want to be more ladylike and classic.”

“Growing up, I was constantly borrowing clothes from my older sisters, or I’d pick out something from Urban Outfitters and my mom would tailor it to my size—I don’t think I ever dressed like a kid,” she says. “Now that I’m on Gossip Girl, the wardrobe is so amazing and inspiring, it’s opened a whole new style gateway for me.”

What do you think of Blake Lively's style?


Shannon said...

The blue dress is a smart fashion design. It is simple enough to be causal yet with a few cleaver accessories it can be delightful for a night on the town.