Fashion Wisdom from Rachel Zoe

Piperlime's PR team was gracious enough to share some fab style expertise from uber-stylist and spokesperson Rachel Zoe.

Q: What’s a fabulous going-out look, even when it’s the middle of winter?

A: “You can’t go wrong with a short dress and black opaque tights”, states Rachel. “Accent this look with a great pair of boots with shearling or fur accents too.”

Q: Is it ok to match accessories from head to toe?

A: “You don’t have to match everything”, Rachel states, “…but a belt should complement the shoe and the hardware should match.”

Q: Any advice for the boot-over-jean trend?

A: Zoe shares, “A girl’s height is the secret to this trend. Tall girls can wear boots up to or over their knee. Muscular girls look great with a scrunchy, mid-calf boot and the petite ladies look cute in a mid-calf or ankle boot to elongate their legs.”

Q: Is it true the colors you’re wearing closest to your feet should be your shoe color?

A: “Unless it’s black on black, you don’t want to match your top to your shoe especially if it’s going to be high contrast”, shares Rachel.

Q: How does one match a hot red shoe with her tights?

A: “Go safe and go black. The idea is to stay traditional by wearing black opaque tights with a closed-toe pump and be sure to stay away from patterns”, suggests Rachel.

Q: How do I still look chic in my business attire without losing my professionalism?

A: “The idea is to have classic pieces with a few accessories”, states Rachel. “It can be a collared shirt with a vest over it or a sweater paired with a pencil skirt that adds that hip feel. Keep the height a bit higher with a 3-inch black patent or brown suede heel that ensures that chic feel.”

Q: What are essential pieces a person should have with little disposable income?

A: “The key to a person’s wardrobe is to get good pieces that they can switch in and out of in classic colors”, suggests Rachel. “Find affordable staple pieces like: patent shoe, trench coat, underpinnings, white shirt, full suit, black dress and pencil skirt.”

Q: Can you advise me as to the most appropriate shoe style depending on the pant’s leg style?

A: Rachel states, “For wide-leg pants, you want a higher heel with a platform as it will elongate your legs. For skinnies, a clean pump, flats or boots over pants look best. If you’re feeling fashion-forward, pair ankle boots with your skinnies for that 80’s look.”

Q: What is the best shoe for a girl who hasn’t been blessed with super skinny legs and ankles?

A: “You definitely want to stay away from any ankle straps or ankle boots”, shares Rachel. “Go mid-calf on your boots or above and try for that looser fit. Try also adding a little height, like a wedge to elongate your legs a bit.”

Q: How do you add color in your wardrobe but still maintain your sophistication?

A: Rachel states, “The secret is to add little bits at a time. You don’t want to contrast too much. Colors like gray and brown look great in a subtle way. If you’re feeling a bit daring, try combinations of gray with purple, fuchsia or yellow which compliment each other nicely.”

You can read the complete, unedited Q&A and see Rachel’s favorite shoe picks on Piperlime. Or for more style expertise from Zoe, check out her new book, Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour - it was one of my favorite Christmas gifts this holiday season!