Saturday Beauty Pick - Ineke Fragrances

The lovely and wise fragrance editor of introduced me to San Francisco- based perfumer Ineke just last week. After sniffing her bottle of After My Own Heart, a delicate blend of lilac, heliotrope, sandalwood and musk, I knew that THIS was a line I needed to learn more about. The next morning, I immediately ordered Ineke's Deluxe Sample Collection, which includes 4 sample vials (packaged just beautifully) for $12 (redeemable on a full bottle purchase.)

I received the sample set just a few days later and have since tested After My Own Heart again along with Balmy Days and Sundays, a gorgeous clean floral with notes of freesia, honeysuckle, grass and musk. I have a definite "type" when it comes to perfumes - I love notes of rose, gardenia, orchid, lilac and also clean, skin scents and these two Ineke creations are right up my alley. Full bottles, here I come!