Crack is Whack.

The gals on my favorite fashion board like to refer to J.Crew as...J.Crack. And it's with good reason. In recent years, the preppy staple has reinvented itself as a line of hip classics. I personally obsess most over the fantastic cardigans, beautiful outerwear and snazzy printed ballet flats.

I swear, the catalog's superb styling can take the most mundane piece and tweak it and zhuzj it until it looks *just right*. i.e. Above - Featherweight merino ruffle cardigan, $88. A cute cardigan for sure (I ordered it in black to replace a beloved tuxedo inspired cardigan that tore at the elbow) but take it in a pop color over a full skirt and POW - I had to have it.


Fabulista said...

I LOVE this color combo. I thought I was totes over J Crew because I'm so not a prep... but clearly I was wrong. Great post.