Esteban Cortazar Talks MAC for Ungaro

MAC's long awaited collaboration with Parisian couture house Emanuel Ungaro hits counters on October 2.  Here's an interview with designer Esteban Cortazar on the collaboration:

Q: How does this first show for Ungaro represent the direction and vision you have for the label? 

A: “This first collection has to be the start of my celebration of effortless seduction and unapologetic femininity for Ungaro. Everything brings me back to this message.”

Q: What do you love about the Ungaro aesthetic?

A: “What is so great for me to be at Ungaro is that the aesthetic of the house comes so naturally to me. It feels organically right. I want to continue to experiment with beautiful prints, fluidity and colours and stamp these on to my collections.”

Q: Who is the Ungaro woman? 

A: “The Ungaro woman celebrates life, she loves nature, she smells fantastic, like peonies, gardenias and jasmine in a subtle way that’s so feminine. She adores feminine fluidity, beautiful colours, soft textures and unexpected prints – she’s a true individual with her style, a free spirit.”

Q: Who are your muses? 

A: “All my girlfriends are my muses – women who love to dance, to laugh.”

Q: What was on your mood boards this season? 

A: “My mood board for the show was pretty simple as I only had three months to put together the collection. I had images of Verushka from “transfigurations” where she becomes part of nature, blended into wood or river stones. I looked at these images and thought they’d be amazing prints.” 

Q: Did you have any preconceived ideas as to what feeling you’d like the makeup to communicate this season? 

A: “Makeup is a huge part of a feminine woman who uses it to express her individuality and her mood. This season i wanted the makeup to come across as very natural and balanced…although natural can still have a strength to it. I wanted everything to be soft in the face. A little earth in the eye, to give it weight, but in a subtle way.”

Q: What direction did you give regarding casting the show? What sort of girls were you looking for? 

A: “Casting the show, I wanted girls who were like creatures of nature in a very soft way. Some were sexier, some were softer, but all have an organic feel to them.”

Q: How you must be excited to be collaborating with M·A·C on this range – how long have you worked together? 

A: “I’m so excited about the collaboration with M·A·C – they are so forward-thinking and so believing. They believed in me from my first show since i was friends with all the girls from the Miami store. I really feel part of the M·A·C family.”

Q: Knowing that this makeup collection will have the Ungaro name to it, what was most important to you in terms of it’s aesthetic? 

A: “It’s important to me that the makeup feels timeless-modern, but still makeup that a woman will always want to wear.”

What do you think?  Will you be hitting the MAC counter on October 2 to check out the Ungaro collection?


fashion herald said...

interesting, and am looking forward to checking it out.
But what's up with the side boob cleavage? yeesh, since when does ungaro show this off? Otherwise, the dress is pretty!