Fashion Week Kicks Off: Burch Borges Spring/Summer 2009

Fashion Week hasn't quite kicked into gear just yet but a few under-the-radar designers have elected to show earlier in the week to avoid competing with the Tents.

First up,Burch Borges designer John Mollett showcased his Spring/Summer 2009 menswear and womenswear collections last night at SoHo non-profit gallery, Dactyl.

The Do's
  • Shrunken suits for men, including highwater trousers and fitted, finely detailed, double breasted jackets in rich colors and textures.
  • Peacock feathers added richness and dimension to a distressed dress and blazer.
  • Pale nubuck wingtips and beaten up boat shoes on men gave a relaxed, devil may care feeling.
The Don't's
  • The beaded platform mules on the female models (I'd rather cut off my feet and stagger around on stumps.)
  • The "Derelicte" style leadoff male model, who literally looked homeless.
  • Haphazard show choreography was hard to miss and a bit distracting. 

The Bon Mot -  Oddly enough, ABC's Bachelor Matt Grant was in attendance, looking dapper. Post show, we asked him a few questions and he cited the bold colors, patterns and rich textures in the menswear as favorites.  He also appreciated the peacock feather adorned blazer, saying "I love peacock. I'm a bit of a peacock myself."  Indeed.

Photos courtesy Charu Suri of Butterfly Diary.


Anonymous♡♥♡♥♡ said...

That one in red. I'd rip her the fuck apart. In the nicest possible way, of course! :-)