The Skin-ny on Vichy

While I'm lucky enough to test out a lot of beauty goodies for my freelance writing and blogging gigs, skincare products are my absolute least favorite to try. You see, I have sensitive skin (no, really) and it's quite prone to breakouts. So, when I received some samples of Vichy's new Aqualia and NormaDerm lines from, I buried them in the bottom of a bag and sort of forgot about them. Oopsie.

Well, I just ran out of moisturizer this week, so out came the Vichy. Boy, have I been pleasantly surprised! The Aqualia Thermal Lotion SPF 30 24 Hr Fortifying Moisturizer is perfectly formulated for sensitive skin. It's light in texure, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. Best of all, it incorporates SPF 30. Honestly, I have zero idea why companies are still manufacturing day moisturizers without SPF, it makes no sense. But I digress (as I am prone to do.)

Snatch up a bottle of Aqualia Thermal Lotion SPF 30 at CVS stores nationwide or via 1.7 ounces will run you $26, which is a bit pricy for a "drugstore line" but when compared to high end moisturizers like Creme de la Mer, it's an absolute bargain.


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