Must Read - The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style

Unlike SOME style bloggers I know, I have an unequalled love for fashion books. In fact, I collect them. So when I found out that Lucky was finally (I mean,'s been years, folks) releasing a follow up to The Lucky Shopping Manual, I immediately added it (The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, that is) to my Amazon wishlist.

But thankfully for my wallet in this sad, sad economy, the PR folks promoting the book reached out me and offered up an advance review copy. I'd now had some time to read the book in depth and I'm officially loving it (no surprise there).

Lucky editor in chief Kim France and creative director Andrea Linett break it down by style in this guide - ten in all, from bohemian to mod to rock & roll. Key pieces are outlined for each style - from clothing to shoes, bags and jewelry. Each section also profiles a Lucky girl that epitomizes the look and offers up stores across the USA that are must-shops for the style. For me, I was immediately drawn to a few of the styles while other sections, I just skimmed over because I knew they weren't "me".

But don't worry - you don't have to fall into just one category to enjoy The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style.  I found that while the Gamine or Posh Eclectic thing might appeal to me, my look is actually closest to a cross between Rock & Roll and Arty Slick, thanks to my love of architectural shapes, pyramid studs and the like.

The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style hit shelves this Tuesday. Get it here for just $19.80.