Sarah Palin - Counterfeit Supporter?

Exhibit A? Piper Palin and her painfully faux Louis Vuitton

What do you think about counterfeit merchandise? Would you buy a fake bag for your seven year old? Tell me in the comments.


KittenCouture said...

Absolutely not - there are so many cute things out there and I don't want to support copying a designer who isn't getting paid!

mikeswim said...

Truly unbelievable!! After all the rhetoric about Obama palling around with terrorists...then her own daughter's bag purchase certainly helps fund terrorism. I guess that $150,000 from the RNC for new clothes at Neiman Marcus and other lux stores still doesn't by class, nor integrity. And I so do not believe that the clothes will be donated to charity after the campaign.

Timbo said...

Get a life people. Would I rather buy an $40 or $800 purse for my daughter?? The $40 one of course. You know she will lose/destroy it. By the way, if purses can be knocked off for cheap, what does that tell you about the designers in the first place?!? They are screwing us, so screw them. Go Palin!