Shecky's Girls Night Out Fall 2008 Report

I hit Shecky's Girls Night Out last night for a fast fashion fix. Only, of course, it wasn't actually so fast as this was the scene at the Puck Building in SoHo.

Don't get too frightened though... the scene was actually quite organized and the line moved very quickly despite the intimidating length.

Once checked in, I perused the scene, sprawled through two floors. Luxe brands like Givenchy were on hand to give mini makeovers (the line was actually quite short at 6:30-ish, surprisingly) and samples...

Chambord was on hand to do mini manicures with liqueur inspired colors by OPI.

As always, many of the vendors were selling some pretty schlocky merchandise - there's always a lot of generic jewelry and super handcrafted (er, in the bad sort of way) clothing and leather bags.

That said, there were also a few fab standouts. The screenprinted jersey dresses and tops by Dennya were quite cute and casual. If you missed the event (going through Friday), you can check out the line at

Berwick Beauty's Coming Up Roses Collection smells damask roses. The prices were pretty reasonable - just $30 for the Day Cream, which is appropriate for all skin types and sinks into skin instantly.

Cocoa & Lime is so new, the website isn't even live yet. It's a pity because these semi-precious necklaces were gorgeous and quite unique. It's difficult to see in the sub-par pic below but they were clear glass discs filled with small stones, including amethyst, peridot and garnet on 14k gold.

Lolli by Reincarnation (in particular, their chicly simple leather bags) are a Lower East Side staple. They had some large hobo bags on hand and also these cute chain strap evening bags.

And of course, what would a Shecky's event be without the gift bag? This season's edition was relatively good with full size Borba, Colgate, Aveeno, Schick Intuition and Aquafresh products, along with samples of E-Boost, Glowelle, Dove Go Fresh,Clinique and more. To see all the goodies in my bag (keep in mind that bags may differ), click on the image below to enlarge.

Shecky's Girls Night Out runs through Friday in New York. For tickets ($10-$30) or to check out the full schedule of national events, visit the Shecky's web site.

And if you attended a Girls Night Out in your city, leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


HipMom said...

wow, the Fall one was clearly better than the summer one - lots of gaudy handmade jewelry there :-( the Cocoa and Lime necklaces look lovely! Too bad they don't seem to have a website anymore, just a page with some photos. The Lolli bags are also really cute.

The "giftbag" sucked though, didn't it? If I go again I'm not paying the $30 for that.