Tim Gunn Makes Over CEO of Luxe Beauty Brand, Om Aroma

It's an embarrassing secret of mine that I LOVE makeover shows. What Not to Wear is certainly a favorite (I love me some Stacy London& Clinton Kelly), while How to Look Good Naked with the lovable Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style come in a close second and third.

Now, working in fashion for 6 years, I know a bit more about the inner workings of fashion reality shows than most...for example, did you know that there are several stylists that work behind the scenes to not only dress the "stylist" stars but to pull clothing for the makeover candidates? True!

Anyhoo, last week's Tim Gunn's Guide to Style featured a really special makeover recipient...Angela Jia Kim, the CEO of new luxe spa brand Om Aroma.

Now, if you've seen the episode, you know that Angela had OK style to start with...really, she just needed a little reality check in terms of what was most flattering and a little style direction, which Tim and cutie pie Gretta Monahan gladly provided.

Angela was gracious enough to give us some scoop on her experience on the show, read on for more....

What were your initial feelings about filming an episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style? Was it all excitement or was there some hesitation as well?

Initially, I was very hesitant. In fact, I saw a call for the show, and having never seen an episode, I didn't actually know that it was a makeover show. I just saw Tim Gunn's name and since, like a lot of women in America, I had a schoolgirl crush on him, I threw my hat in the ring.
After the "audition" held in midtown Manhattan, I got cold feet. I wrote the talent agent, saying that I didn't feel like I was the right fit for the show and suggested some other women instead. She immediately wrote back and said that the producers liked the story of a concert pianist undergoing a major life transformation. She encouraged me to be open to the experience, so I took a deep breath and dove in.

What was your biggest style revelation from the show?

The biggest style revelation was definitely that I can wear fitted clothing! Also, I loved the bra fitting. Although I know I'm not a size C (only in La Perla), I love that the bras I'm wearing support me and give me an actual shape.

Did Tim & Gretta make you give up any pieces or looks that you're still missing?

Yes, my sweater coats. After the show, so many people found me via the Om Aroma website. We've received so many emails from women who say that they love sweater coats, too. This winter, I'm going to have to figure out something to-- as Tim says-- "make it work!"

What are the lasting lessons that you'll take from appearing on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style?

I love pants!

To learn more about Angela's luxury organic spa and skincare products, including the uber-relaxing Sachet de Chamomile eye treatment, visit www.omaroma.com. To shop online, you can visit Eluxury.com.