Yummie Tummie Shapewear - Tested and Approved

To call my tummy a "problem area" would be a kind understatement.  To be more accurate, my tummy is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. In all capital letters.

Spanx have definitely been an effective solution under dresses and skirts but unlike some very tolerant women I happen to know, I absolutely cannot abide by the idea of wearing them under pants - I just don't find them comfy for long periods of time.  Yummie Tummie, a new line of shapewear by Heather Thomson (who previously worked with Sean John, House of Dereon and Sweetface by J.Lo), is the perf solution to my midsection woes.

This line of versatile shaping camisoles, tops and tees appear "normal" above and below the midsection (they're a soft cotton) but a powerful microfiber panel smooths the troublesome tummy area, from right below the bust to right below the waistband.  Best of all, all Yummie Tummie silhouettes come in two lengths - regular and long. I've been wearing the regular and they've been the perfect length for me (I'm 5'2) but I'm glad to see my taller or longer-torso-ed gals taken care of as well.

Yummie Tummie tanks and tees are a tad pricy - they range from $62 for basic silhouettes to about $140 for a full length slip dress. That said, they're a WORTHY investment in your closet as layering these babies really improves the appearance of the midsection, shaving a good inch or more and smoothing yucky bumps under wrap dresses, sweaters and more.

Get your Yummie Tummies over at www.yummietummie.com!