Counterfeit Chic:

Portero Luxury enlightened me to This Bag is a Fake on Twitter today. This hilarious site invites fashionistas to take a stand against counterfeits by printing out the Activist Kit...which is actually a sheet of stickers (er,see above) that you can use to tag every fake bag you see.

Seems like a good way to get your ass beat but I love it anyway.  Check out the site HERE.


HipMom said...

I get their point, but I think the sticker thing is kind of obnoxious. Wouldn't it be better to educate people on WHY it's bad to feed the counterfeit designer item industry, rather than be the snobs looking down on other people for carrying fakes?

fashion herald said...

yeah, i can see the beat down happening in chinatown with those! but love the idea, kind of reminds me of that embarrassing sticker they put on yr car in ny if you don't move for street cleaning!