Poll: Are You Average (When It Comes to Fashion?)

$1,795.00 by Balenciaga at Barneys New York

A recent poll on RealSimple.com revealed that the average person spends $749 per year on clothing.  

On the other hand, I spent more than $749 on just one handbag last year. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, average in this category.

So, are YOU average when it comes to your fashion spending?  Let me know where you fall in the poll below!

  • File me under "Frugalista" - I spend less than $749 on fashion yearly. (8 votes)
  • Jane Doe here. I spend right around the average yearly. (9 votes)
  • $749 is barely a pair of shoes in my world. I blow "average" out of the water! (17 votes)
  • Other! I'll tell you in the comments. (6 votes)


StyleIT said...

I'm not off buying crazy $749 shoes, but I do spend more than that annually on clothing items. Beauty-wise, waaay more. It's a shame, really.

mikeswim said...

"wtf is fashion expense? Do new jeans count?"

Foraminifera said...

I have purchased in the last two months:
7pair of gladiator sandals in all colors: $125.00 (amazon.com)
2pair of Shooties - $300.00 (amazon.com)
and the list goes on and on and on. I am a shop-a-holic and here in NYC I work in the fashion district - the sales are beyond ridiculous.
So far I have not exceeded the $200.00 mark on shoes, I guess I'm still at the point where more is more.
I'd rather get a bag full of mid - range designer duds than than one "it" item.

Foraminifera said...

By the way:
The total for all 7 pair of gladiators was $125.00
The total for both pair of shooties was $300.00

grechen said...

LOL - you KNOW i'm way above average! i'm getting ready to splurge on the alexander wang donna hobo - but that will be it for quite some time. i don't buy a lot - i just buy expensive ;)

erniew said...

Where do people shop to spend $749? Target isn't even cheap anymore! While I don't spend $700 on a handbag I do treat myself at least 2x a year to a new bag at $300+ a pop and shoes? I average 6 new pairs a year. Jeans - I've bought 10 pairs in the last 4 months. Even discounted from the likes of Rue La La and Gilt Groupe, I'm still shelling out $90 or so a pair. Gosh, this survey is making me feel guilty for my money spending ways...

districtl said...

On Sunday, I bought a skirt at a sample sale: $50

Two weeks ago, I bought:
Shoes: $150
Skirt & Top: $100 (CRAZY sale)
Dresses: $280
Jeans: $150

Last month I bought:
Sweater: $110
Skirt: $375
Shirts: $250
Dresses: $350

...and I know there are so many items missing from this list. $749? That's nothing!

abarbielover said...

Jane Doe is about right in most years for me... but I admit I have blown her way out of the water in some years!