Designer's Choice: Marlaina Stone

Next up in the Designer's Choice series is jewelry designer Marlaina Stone.

Stone's intricate designs are hand made and one of a kind; each piece, be it necklace, ring or bracelet, tells a story.  So, it makes sense that it was difficult for the designer to choose a favorite. But of all of her creations, she chose the Alexander (left), saying,

“While many of our pieces stand out for their bold style and detail, it is the very simplicity of Alexander that makes him so special. And while every piece has its own story, it is Alexander’s tale that makes him my favorite! Alexander is a leader. He influences. He inspires. He is respected. And any great leader is no stranger to adversity. Everyone needs a great leader to learn from and look up to, mine just happens to be a historical leader. I’ve had many great mentors which is why I am where I am today.”

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