Hanky Panky Launches Petites

We've discussed my love of Hanky Panky thongs in the past but I know that the One Size Fits All sizing tends to confuse some. Well, no need for confusion anymore! Hanky Panky has launched the Petite Thong, sized just for girls that fall between 0-4. Originally created for the Japanese market, they've decided that wee US girls need some thong love too.  

And don't forget, Hanky Panky still offers the Low Rise (which works nicely for sizes 2-6 in my opinion), the Original (higher rise, but works well for sizes 6-10) and a Plus Size collection.

You can snag the new Petite sizes over at Shopbop for $18 a pop.


Butterflydiary said...

So the fabric gets smaller but the price stays the same? What gives, lol.

elaiyaraja said...

this f ashion style i like very much.