Off-Kilter Luxury: Strange Invisible Perfumes

Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis is a master of unexpected natural fragrances. Her collection, Strange Invisible Perfumes, is welcoming THREE new scents this Spring and appropriately enough, they're a trio of florals.

First up is Aquarian Roses, a bold, unisex, aquatic take on this classic note balanced with the warmth of African Marjoram and sandalwood. Epic Gardenia, on the other hand, is a bold, velvety fragrance that evokes the humidity of the flower. My favorite of the trio, however, is Urban Lily, a sweet yet powerful interpretation of lily of the valley.

Like all Strange Invisible Perfumes, each eau de parfum is comprised of organic, wild-crafted or biodynamic essences set in a base of 100% organic grape alcohol. Two formulations are available - a 0.25 oz. parfum which retails for $210 and the eaux de parfums above, each $175.

Have you ever sniffed any Strange Invisible Perfumes? What did you think?


georgieporgie said...

would love to try these