Skin Fix: Dermalogica Spa Pod

I've had facials from spas high to low across the country.  VERY few have actually done anything positive for my skin.  If that experience sounds familiar, check out Dermalogica in SoHo.

A hybrid boutique and spa, Dermalogica in SoHo offers 60 minute Skin Treatments (they don't call them facials here) in their high tech, spaceship-esque Spa Pod or 20 minute MicroZone treatments designed to target a specific problem area, be it the eye rescue, blackhead relief or hand repair, among others.

My Face Mapping and Skin Treatment led to several discoveries about my skin - for example, though my sensitive skin may have patches of oilies - my cheeks were actually desperately in need of hydration. Who knew?

I left Dermalogica with a product prescription that I'm digging thus far - PreCleanse, an oil that removes makeup and surface dirt, UltraCalming Cleanser, a gentle cream wash for sensitive skin prone to redness, Daily Microfoliant, a spectacularly mild powder that forms a delicate exfoliating foam when mixed with water and the Sheer Tint Moisture 15, a triple-duty moisturizer with coverage and SPF.

In the days following my Skin Treatment at Dermalogica, I received SEVERAL compliments on my skin (something that NEVER happens) - which, as far as I'm concerned, is the best testament of all.

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Inside the Spa Pod

My Face Map

My Prescribed Dermalogica Products