Spa at Home Sunday: Nair Precision Face & Upper Lip Kit

For a dark haired Italian woman, I'm pretty blessed in the facial hair department.  Meaning, I've got little to worry about.  However, when I've got a stray or two (it happens, even if we don't want to talk about it.), I'm not willing to spend the time and money to hit the spa for removal. I'd rather rely on something quick and easy for home use.

Nair's nifty new Precision Face & Upper Lip Kit is IT.  For $4.99, you get a full size tube of Hair Remover Cream, along with a Rebalancing Moisturizer to calm skin.  The Hair Remover does its job effectively and painlessly, with results lasting up to three weeks.

Compare those results to the pain and expense of waxing or threading (which rings in at twice the price for just one visit) and you've got a winner.

Check out drugstores nationwide if you need a little fuzz-busting fix.