Spa at Home Sunday: t spheres

Work and personal stresses catch up to me on a weekly basis. And while I'd love to indulge in a monthly massage, it's kind of a budget-buster.  t spheres' clever aromatherapy-infused massage balls are the perfect intermediary.

These sleek little balls come packaged in a travel bag, along with a mini-atomizer available in three different aromatherapy blends to re-infuse the fragrances. Try Perk Up - a peppermint and grapefruit mix to improve concentration and circulation or Pep-Up Mint for tired feet and hands or Inner Beauty, a rose-geranium blend that's calming.

The massage balls can be used hot or cold, depending on your needs. Try microwaving them for two minutes for a heated massage or keeping them in the freezer for headache relief. 

Created by massage therapist Stephanie Whittier, t spheres are super simple to use. You can simply roll wherever you feel tension or tightness.

t spheres apparently have quite a celebrity following - again, not too surprising considering how travel/tour friendly they are.  To pick up your own set, check out



stephanie whittier said...

love that you wrote this...just came across it - and wanted to clarify the heating directions for the t spheres - that is 2-3 minutes in the microwave or boil in water for same time - NOT 2 weeks :)

Thanks again for the blog spot!

t spheres stephanie

eye4style said...

Stephanie, thanks for the comment and the clarification! I corrected the typo above!