Travel-icious! Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Packettes

I'm on the road again this weekend, hence the lack of regular posts. But I had to pop in quickly and rave, rave, rave about one of my fave beauty collections, Lisa Hoffman.

This clever line includes not only full size skincare, body and fragrance but also, the Spa Bath Packette (above, includes Bath Soak, Body Wash, Body Polisher, Body Cream and the rich Hand & Foot Butter,) and Spa Shower Packette travel sets. Each includes 5 body products - good for 1-2 uses each - formulated with sustainable ingredients and scented with Hoffman's signature delicate orchid fragrance.

My only gripe?  Well, it IS Earth Month - and the packaging on these is honestly quite wasteful.

If you can get past that, consider snagging a set for your next trip.  Shop the collection at