Designer Interview: Natalie Ann Griffith of New York Nat

What inspires your designs?

Natalie Ann Griffith: I am inspired by many different aspects of my life. As a former dancer, I am influenced by the beauty of ballet. A dancer's movements appear effortless, yet provoke thought and emotion. My hair accessories all have their own story to tell, much like the dancers in a ballet. Some are sweet, while others are edgy. A dream of mine is to design hair pieces for the American Ballet Theatre. My second love is vintage accessories. Many of my headbands are vintage inspired and are adorned with sparkling brooches reminiscent of the 1940s. I admire my grandparents generation who wore beautiful hats and jewelry. During my upcoming trunk show at Henri Bendel, July 2-5, I will be showcasing new designs focused on these inspirations.

How do you incorporate headbands/head pieces into your own wardrobe?

Natalie Ann Griffith: I am always mixing things up! I love wearing my hair accessories with jeans and a t-shirt to wearing them with my hair up and a gown for a black tie event. The key to wearing the hair accessories is to have fun and be fearless!

Is there a particular woman that you imagine wearing your pieces?

Natalie Ann Griffith: Those who love to accessorize with statement pieces are New York Nat girls! Whether it is the downtown trendsetter who pairs a headband with leather jacket to hit the newest hot spot or the uptown lady who dresses for an evening of elegance. My pieces are for every woman depending on how they decide to style it.

Check out the gallery below for a look at select Spring 2009 New York Nat head pieces. For more information, visit New York Nat online or Henri Bendel at 712 Fifth Avenue to shop the collection.


krazyncute4eva said...

i actually bought of these headbands at Bendel's this weekend - so gorgeous! love the interview too

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fabulous interview. I desperately need one of these headbands! :)

katiem22 said...

love the interview, love the collection - i will have to go check out the collection this weekend