Feeling Minx-y!

There's been buckets of buzz about the Minx manicure lately and last night, thanks to the gracious team at Tone, I was able to experience first hand!

Minx are basically nail stickers that are applied and then cut/filed to fit your nails (or toenails, for that matter). I will say that they look amazingly hot from far away but quite flawed if you look closely. It's a crazy fun editorial look though perhaps not appropriate if you work in conservative environment or shop at Ann Taylor.

Minx manis are said to last about two weeks and go for about $45 a pop. NYC girls, click here or here to read more about Minx and find a salon near you.


educatedbiatch said...

Oh my god! I saw Beyonce wore the gold one! Omg! Its gorrr-JAAAAAZZZZ!!!!