Going Green Doesn't Have to Suck: Prive Concept Vert

For the most part, green beauty products just don't do it for me. I need a little more glamour, a little more whimsy in my day.  Prive's new Concept Vert Shampoo and Conditioner strike just the right cord though. 

First, the ultra luxe, sulfate and paraben-free formulas are extra concentrated, meaning that the bottle provides TWICE the amount of uses that a comparable bottle from another hair care brand might. Not to mention, the sleek packaging can be returned to Prive salons for refill and recycling. Most importantly, of course, is the actual quality of the product - and it's good, folks. Both shampoo and conditioner boast a light but moisturizing formula that smells sweetly of lemongrass. Love!

Concept Vert Shampoo retails for $28 while the Concept Vert Conditioner goes for $30. For more info, visit www.priveproducts.com