Reviewed, Approved: Collective Wellbeing Cleansing Paste

When a dermatologist confirmed that I had "sensitive skin," I was amazed.  Apparently, the world is full of women who think that they have sensitive skin and actually don't...but I was the rare exception.  What can I say? I am specia.

But, of course, taking care of sensitive skin is a total bitch.  Pardon my French. I need to be VERY, very careful when choosing products or changing my skincare routine, so I was hesitant to try Collective Wellbeing's Cleansing Paste ($13).  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised.

This thick oatmeal and raspberry based natural cleanser removes dirt and oil, without leaving skin stripped.  Apparently, the oatmeal has high fiber content which aids in the absorption of debris while the raspberries contain fruit acids that work to VERY gently exfoliate skin.

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