Sniff This: Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery

A little more than a year ago, I paid a visit to the ABSOLUTE SPLENDOR that is Studio Beautymix at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.  Created by Robin Coe-Hutshing (also the founder of BURN Candles), Studio Beautymix stocks one of the very best  niche beauty assortments around.  One counter that caught my eye immediately was Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery

The tempting, yet intimidating, collection boasts 160 fragrances in 10 categories that can blended, layered or worn solo.  My friend and I each caved on a Trio Set of three 0.25 oz bottles ($90) and I've been wearing and loving them ever since.  When I came home, though, it was impossible to find Memoire Liquide anywhere - even online.  Until now.

Launched this week, the new Memoire Liquide counter at Bloomingdale's houses 75 of the collection's fragrances. I paid the counter a first visit this week to meet with founders Jennifer Coe-Bakewell and Coe-Hutshing and managed to leave with yet another Trio of scents - the blood orange L'Orange Sanguine, airy Nymphea and The au Jasmin, a jasmine tea concoction.

If you love the memories that fragrance can evoke as well as the creativity and playfulness of mixing and matching your favorite scents, Memoire Liquide will be right up your alley.  Visit the counter at Bloomingdale's 59th Street or

Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery Creators Jennifer Coe-Bakewell and Robin Coe-Hutshing (L-R)


Danielle Pacholczyk said...

Which Bloomingdales carries Memoire Liquide Bespoke parfumerie in Los Angeles?
Please respond, Thank you