Spa at Home Sunday: Illume Happiology

If there's anything I need more of in my life these days, it's positive energy. Illume's new Happiology collection fits the bill. The full bath, body and candle line is designed to impart a bit of sunshine into your day through the use of uplifting fragrance blends and zippy, Anthropologie-esque packaging.

I have two favorites from the collection - the hand blown Reed Diffusers ($36) are one of the few home diffusers that have actually released scent in my experience-  and the Sunshower scent, an uplifting bouquet of sparkling bergamot, dewy moss and white lilies is just perfect for Spring.

I'm also really loving the perfectly portable Rollerball Perfumes ($16) - the natural oil bases hold fragrance nicely and each of the Happiology blends wear just as well as perfumes as they do as home scents.

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