Gorgeously Glossy: Dashing Diva Gelife Manicures

If a natural nail is your 'thang', meet your new BFF. Dashing Diva's Gelife Manicure is THE answer for gals who prefer a glossy, natural to nails.

During the Gelife mani, two coats of a soft, removable gel are applied (just like nail polish) and then heat-cured under a UV light after each coat. The gel immediately sets in the UV light, leaving a manicure (or pedicure) that lasts for up to two weeks and requires no drying time. In fact, the entire mani only takes about 25 minutes (a bit longer if you choose to go French...but why would you?) 

The Gelife gloss is UNBEATABLE and the mani lasts forever with no chipping. Best of all, the DD-exclusive formula causes no damage - in fact, because it contains calcium salt, Gelife can actually help strengthen your natural nails. It's truly amazing stuff!  

The only downside? Gelife does require some extra time to remove. Nails have to be soaked in pure acetone for 10 minutes before the gel begins to lift.

For more information or to find a salon, go to www.dashingdiva.com. The UV Gelife Manicure is $45, while a Gelife Pedicure is $60.