Okay, my choice of title is pure cheese but I couldn't resist. I need to spread the word about Eve's sweet new seasonal treatment - the Watermelon Pedicure ($39) and I need to spread the word fast.

This lovely new pedi begins with a foot soak in a deliciously scented watermelon salt bath, followed by a heavenly slough with an oil-infused sugar scrub (that smells like...you guessed it...watermelon), and a massage with a super rich watermelon moisturizing cream.

You can choose either the cheeky nail art shown right or simply the color of your choice (I went with a bright punchy pink and actually regretted not getting the cute nail art. Boo.) Best of all, if you visit the salon between 4-8pm on Mondays, you get a delicious gratis Watermelon Martini with your pedi!

Eve is located at 55 West 8th Street (East of 6th Avenue), For an appointment, call  212-807-8054. For more info, visit eveswebsite.com.


Anonymous said...

how did I go ALL summer without knowing about this...???