Jet Lag Relief: La Mer's Hydrating Facial

$250.00 by La Mer at Saks Fifth Avenue

Ugh, jet lag is the WORST. I returned home to NYC late yesterday afternoon and not only was I exhausted but my skin looked like utter crap, dry and dull. This morning, I took repair and relief into my own hands with La Mer's new Hydrating Facial.

This two-zoned cotton mask delivers a mega dose of hydration thanks to the inclusion of Sea Moist Ferment, a special blend of dark green algae gathered from all over the world. The Hydrating Facial also contains cellular lipids and plant extracts derived from melon and avocado to smooth the texture of skin.

The mask itself was completely saturated with the formula and after just 8-10 minutes, I removed it and massaged in the remaining elixer, which left my skin feeling oh, about a million times more hydrated and soft.

At $250 for six applications, this at home spa treatment is a definite indulgence. But if you're cutting back on visits to the spa and pampering at home, I'd recommend it.