Holiday Gift-Terrific: Godiva Scented Candles

I'm always beyond thrilled to receive a gorgeously scented and luxe candle, so when the new Godiva Scented Candles crossed my desk, I was in heaven.

Led by Laura Slatkin, a talented group of master perfumers combined their expertise with the skill of Godiva's chocolatiers to create five sophisticated - but of course, totally yum - home fragrances: Milk Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Ganache, Black Almond Truffle, White Chocolate Magnolia and Peppermint Bark.

My fave is hands down the Peppermint Bark; it smells just like the real thing and oh-so-perfect for holiday.

Retail prices for the collection range from $12.50 to $22.50, so consider snagging one as a hostess or Secret Santa gift. The box is so pretty, you may not even need to wrap it!

Shop Godiva Scented Candles at Neiman Marcus.


Catherine Tucker said...

YUM! Godiva will stop at nothing to feed a chocolate-addict like myself! Great gift idea!