Holiday Gift-Terrific: Cashmere Socks

$84.99$84.99 by Johnstons at Asos

If there's something more delicious than cashmere socks, I'd like to be introduced to it immediately.

Though I never wear socks during the day (yes, I'm that crazy person who goes sock-less with flats and pumps, low temps be damned), I do love a luscious pair for lounging around on weekends.

These adorbs striped softies from Johnstons fit the bill. Admittedly, they're a bit pricey, but as far as I'm concerned, the perfect gift is often the indulgence that the giftee would never splurge on for themselves. Not to mention, you can snag 100% cashmere socks at all pricepoints - visit your local department store for the best selection. And here's a tip - try pairing the socks with a gentle fabric wash (I dig Tocca's) for an extra-thoughtful gift.