Shopping My Closet: Miu Miu T-Straps

In an effort to refresh my style this season, I've been revisiting some near-forgotten pieces in my closet.

Today: these silver Miu Miu T-Straps, which I coveted for approximately 100 years before finally caving when they made it to the Net-a-Porter sale. Since these shoes demand to be the undisputed star of any outfit, I've paired them with an all black look, including the sleek Spanx patterned tight (every girl needs a little Spanx in her life) that you see above.

Do you have any forgotten items in your closet? Tell me about them in the comments!

FTC Disclosure: Spanx tights provided for review.


BeautyChick101 said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!!!! So gorgeous!

Jesspgh said...

Oh my those are GORGEOUS! and so festive! I'd wander around the office singing to myself, "silver shoes..... silver shoes.... it's christmas time in the city!"

My favorite forgotten item that I recently rediscovered was a Linea Pelle belt I thought I had lost in a move that I scored for a song at Anthropologie. I even belted a cardigan in homage to Mrs. O.

eye4style said...

Jesspgh, you are hilarious, I love your song. Apparently, these shoes are inspiring because Casey Culture also wrote an ode to them:

Thx, Jamie!