Spa at Home Sunday: Payot Cristaux Mineraux Relaxing Bath Salt

Between the impending holidays, job stresses and an uncomfortable mattress, my body is feeling tightly wound these days. While a return to yoga is definitely in order, today's dreary, cold and rainy weather kept me safely tucked inside. To alleviate my aches, I turned to a more passive approach, namely Payot's Cristaux Mineraux Relaxing Bath Salt.

Simply drop a generous capful into a hot bath and let these mineral-rich, aromatherapy salts get to work. They not only soothe aching muscles (really - salts draw the impurities from the body), they also leave skin soft, moisturized and smelling of a trip to the spa.

Payot can be difficult to find in the States, but visit for a great assortment of products.

FTC Disclosure: Sample Provided for Review