Haul of the Day: Forever 21

It's pretty rare that I have the patience for shopping at Forever 21, but something possessed me this past weekend and I felt compelled to stop by the Union Square store. Though it packed to the gills with aggressive shoppers,  I gritted my teeth, put my elbows out and was rewarded for my retail belligerence with two fantastic finds.

1: An uber cute pair of low cut zebra print ballet flats adorned with faux gems

2: A chic silk tank that's perfect for layering

Each was just $22.80...it's hard to beat that!

Have you hauled any cheap thrills lately?


You Got Pamd said...

Great finds! It's tough to find anything in that Union Square Forever 21!

I'd love for you to check out my blog at http://www.yougotpamd.com

Let me know what you think!

EchoScarfGirl said...

Kristen! HI! I can't believe you posted about his shirt/ tunic. I've had it in my F21 basket for a week now and I think it's gone! It's so cute!! I have to go buy it now. Was really excited about a pair of gray booties at F21 too so thanks for the little shove to just buy everything already LOL.

IT was eons ago that you came to Echo to see our showroom but just wanted to say HI and tell you I stop by your site for tips all the time :) Happy 2010! -Jen