Accessorize Your Technology: iSkin

I'm the kind of girl who loves accessories and as such, I also love accessories for my accessories. The perfect example? New iSkins ProTouch Vibes keyboard covers ($34.99 each.)

These high-grade silicone covers include Microban protection, which keeps nasties at bay, inhibiting the growth of microbes such as bacteria that can cause stains, odors, product deterioration and general yuckiness.

The iSkin is also - and perhaps more importantly, adorable. It quieted loud typing, allowing me to work during conference calls (shh! I am an excellent mulit-tasker!) and elicited comments from colleagues and clients alike. It also kept my MacBook keyboard safe from pesky crumbs that result from my unending love of a good snack.

The bad news? The "drag" created by the iSkin considerably slowed down my typing.

If you can compromise a wee bit of performance for lots of style, check out iSkin's line of iPhone, iPod and Mac accessories.

FTC Disclosure: Sample provided for review